Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Unprecedented deportation threat for British-born man who never left UK



Shockwaves as a UK native, with no history of leaving the country, confronts the unexpected specter of deportation, prompting scrutiny of immigration protocols

Dmitry Lima, a 28-year-old UK native from Lambeth, confronts deportation to Portugal. He has never left the UK. The Home Office issues a deportation order after his prison sentence for drug offenses and carrying a Taser. The post-Brexit policy on EU nationals convicted of crimes prompts this action. Lima expresses profound devastation

Despite being British, Lima had not applied for a UK passport, citing financial constraints. Changes post-Brexit now allow deportation of EU nationals, including those who have been in the UK for over five years, if they receive sentences exceeding 12 months, a departure from the previous threshold based on “serious grounds of public policy and public security.”

Lima’s convictions in August 2020 led to a sentence of four years and six months, of which he served just over two years. His deportation order came in October 2022 when he was moved to Brook House immigration removal centre at Gatwick airport.

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In his appeal, Lima asserts his British citizenship, emphasizing his parents’ settlement in the UK. His lawyer, Naga Kandiah, highlights the Home Office’s lack of records and failure to recognize Lima’s continuous residency. The British nationality bill, introduced in May 2023, aims to regularize the status of those whose parents came to the UK before 2000 but is pending enactment.

Lima’s personal statement in the appeal underscores the emotional and financial distress caused by the deportation order, despite acknowledging his wrongdoing and serving his prison term. The government’s failure to acknowledge Lima’s continuous residency raises concerns about the Home Office’s preparation and adherence to article 8 rights.

While the Home Office refrains from commenting on individual cases, Lima’s situation reflects the broader challenges and uncertainties faced by EU nationals in the post-Brexit landscape, emphasizing the need for comprehensive and compassionate solutions


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