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UK Foreign Office issues crucial travel advisory for Morocco



British tourists face strict passport requirements and possible entry issues amid heightened airport difficulties in Morocco

The UK Foreign Office has recently issued an urgent travel advisory for British tourists planning to visit Morocco, highlighting specific passport requirements that must be met to ensure smooth entry and exit from the country. This warning comes in response to numerous reports of difficulties experienced by British travellers at Moroccan airports.

Tourists are strongly advised to ensure their passports have at least three months of validity remaining from their intended date of entry into Morocco. This requirement is crucial as failure to comply could result in being denied entry at the border. The Moroccan embassy in the UK has been clear about this stipulation, aiming to prevent any disruptions for visitors.

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In addition to the validity requirement, the UK Foreign Office has outlined two other critical conditions for travellers’ passports. Reports have emerged of tourists facing entry denials due to presenting passports that are damaged. Furthermore, there have been complications for some travelers trying to leave Morocco because their passports did not have the necessary entry stamp.

The Foreign Office’s guidance emphasizes the importance of having a passport in good condition and ensuring it is stamped upon entry. “Make sure your passport isn’t damaged and always check that it is stamped when entering the country,” the advisory states. This measure is essential as it can significantly impact travellers’ ability to exit Morocco without issues.

These guidelines are part of a broader set of travel advisories that the Foreign Office has issued to ensure UK citizens are well-prepared for international travel post-Brexit. With varying entry requirements imposed by different countries, British travellers are encouraged to be particularly diligent in understanding and complying with the specific regulations of their destination countries.

In addition to the passport stipulations, the Foreign Office has highlighted general travel advice for Morocco. This includes staying informed about local laws and customs, maintaining a high level of security awareness, and following any additional instructions provided by local authorities or during the pre-departure process.

For those travelling back to the UK from Morocco, additional security measures are in place. Passengers are required to visit the bag drop desk before proceeding through security, even if only travelling with cabin bags. Enhanced security screenings are also implemented for flights from several countries, including Morocco, as part of the UK’s comprehensive approach to international travel safety


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