Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

UK delays implementation of £38,000 salary cap for migrants until 2025



Quiet revisions and backlash surround government’s decision

The planned £38,000 salary cap for migrants set to come into effect in the UK has been postponed until 2025, as confirmed by Prime Minister last night. The announcement followed a quiet revision of the initial proposal, which had originally aimed for an increase from £18,000 to £38,000. The revised plan will see the cap rise to £29,000 in April 2024, despite the Home Office’s announcement of the higher figure just two weeks ago.

Backlash and Accusations

The decision to delay the implementation sparked anger among Tory MPs, who accused the Treasury of softening the bid to achieve the target of reducing the net migration figure to 750,000.

David Jones, deputy chairman of the European Research Group, emphasized the necessity of raising the threshold, stating that the recent net migration figures underscored the severity of the crisis. He expressed disappointment, asserting that the government should have maintained its original stance.

Former minister Jonathan Gullis echoed these sentiments, describing the decision as deeply disappointing and undermining ongoing efforts.

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Defensive Measures and Justification

In response to the backlash, Chancellor Rishi Sunak defended the decision, assuring that the £38,700 per year salary threshold required to bring a family to the UK would be introduced in early 2025. Speaking in Lincoln, Sunak justified the timeline, emphasizing the principle that those bringing dependents into the country must be able to support them.

Sunak stated, “We’re doing exactly as we said we would. We’re just doing it in two stages. So it will go up in a few months’ time, and then it will go up again the full amount in early 2025.” He added that the levels of migration are deemed too high and must be reduced.


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