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Turkey torment: Christmas shoppers outraged by supermarkets’ Turkey blunders



Festive feasts disrupted as supermarkets face criticism for delivering Turkeys with necks intact and other unfavorable substitutions.

Christmas shoppers across the UK have expressed their discontent after several supermarkets reportedly delivered turkeys with necks still intact and made other unfavorable substitutions, leading to ruined festive meals.

Multiple complaints surfaced on social media platforms, with customers sharing their disappointment over the condition of their Christmas dinners. Some reported turkeys arriving with necks intact, while others expressed dissatisfaction with expired pigs in blankets and other substitutions.

One disgruntled Morrisons customer took to Twitter, sharing a picture of expired pigs and blankets delivered with their Christmas order. Another complained about the substitution of their turkey, stating, “So glad I ordered a month ago to have my turkey substituted out.”

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Tesco also faced criticism, with a customer questioning the delivery of a turkey crown that still had legs and its neck attached. The customer expressed frustration, stating, “If I’d wanted a whole turkey, I’d have bought one.”

This follows a recent incident where a Sainsbury’s customer had their Christmas dinner plans disrupted when the supermarket canceled their turkey delivery, only providing eight ham sandwich slices instead.

Meanwhile, a Morrisons customer from Malvern, Worcestershire, shared their disappointment after the supermarket replaced their turkey with frozen Bernard Matthews dinosaur shapes, causing their planned festive feast to go awry.

In a separate development, a recall was issued for four types of cheese—Mrs Kirkham’s Mild and Creamy Lancashire, Mrs Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire, Mrs Kirkham’s Mature Lancashire, and Mrs Kirkham’s Smoked Lancashire—due to possible E. coli contamination.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advised caution, stating that the cheeses might be contaminated with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC). The recall raised concerns as the affected cheeses could have been included in Christmas hampers.


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