Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

This Morning icon’s candid revelation: ‘Heartbreakingly bad’ year leaves them at their lowest



Dr. Ranj, the beloved face from “This Morning,” took to Instagram to bid farewell to 2023 with a candid reflection, unveiling the hardships he faced throughout the year.

In a heartfelt message, the 44-year-old TV doctor shared his profound emotions, admitting that the past year had been a trying and “heartbreakingly bad” one for him. Despite his public persona, Ranj acknowledged the unseen struggles and lows that didn’t make it onto social media.

Accompanied by a photo of himself delivering a speech at an event, Ranj delved into his feelings, expressing gratitude for the cherished moments and the beautiful souls he had encountered. However, he candidly admitted, “I’m also not going to pretend it’s all been hunky dory either… Honestly, 2023 has been one of the hardest years of my life.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced and the unseen personal battles, Ranj clarified that his intention behind the post wasn’t for attention or sympathy but to highlight the realities of life beyond the social media façade. “So I’m just posting this picture because I want to remind myself of a moment when I was genuinely happy,” he revealed.

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Amidst the trials, Ranj expressed a determination to carry forward a sense of hope and optimism into 2024, striving to dream bigger, work harder, and spread kindness. He bid farewell to 2023 as a significant lesson and welcomed the new year with a pledge to pursue joy and righteousness.

His honest reflection garnered overwhelming support from followers and peers, who commended his sincerity and offered words of encouragement and hope for a brighter year ahead. TV presenter Gethin Jones, among others, extended supportive messages, acknowledging the strength and resilience reflected in Ranj’s post.

This introspection follows an earlier revelation by Dr. Ranj, shedding light on what he termed the “toxic” culture of bullying behind the scenes at “This Morning.” In a social media statement earlier this year, he disclosed his concerns about the workplace environment and his subsequent reduction in appearances on the show after raising issues about the behaviour of certain individuals.

Ranj’s heartfelt reflections not only shed light on his personal struggles but also unveiled the complex dynamics within the TV industry, resonating deeply with his followers and supporters.


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