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Texas diner patron brings server to tears with twin $10,000 tips



Heartwarming act of kindness leaves restaurant staff in awe

In a heartwarming display of generosity, a server at El Nuevo Mexico in Bastrop, Texas, was moved to tears when a loyal customer left not one but two astonishing $10,000 tips during separate visits.

El Nuevo Mexico, a cherished family-run establishment, has become a hub for diverse patrons under the care of six devoted siblings. Elvia Jaimes, one of the siblings, shared, “It’s all walks of life that come into your restaurant, and you don’t know if they’re having a bad day or a good day. That’s one thing that we take pride in is just welcoming everybody.”

Denise Ruiz, who was offered a job at the restaurant eight years ago with no prior server experience, has since become an integral part of the El Nuevo Mexico family. Her coworkers and customers alike have become an extended family, creating a sense of warmth and community within the diner.

A regular customer named Robert, known for his frequent visits, left the entire staff in awe during a visit in June. Not only did he cover the entire tab for everyone in the diner, but he also left an extraordinary $10,000 tip.

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Months later, the restaurant owners decided to share their gratitude for Robert’s generosity on social media. Jaimes expressed, “Now that the year has ended, we just felt very grateful. We thought, let’s share it, an act of kindness, just to show that there are still good people out there.”

In a surprising turn of events, Robert returned to the restaurant the following day, encountering Ruiz during her shift. It was during this meeting that Ruiz learned of Robert’s heartbreaking news—his mother had passed away.

Over time, Ruiz and Robert had formed a deep connection, with Ruiz serving them breakfast on Sundays after church. As Robert discovered that Ruiz’s son was undergoing cancer treatment, he decided to express his compassion by leaving another $10,000 tip. This time, the heartfelt gesture was intended for Ruiz to take her son on a trip once he had fully recovered.

The emotional impact of this act of kindness was palpable, and Ruiz shared her sentiments, saying, “It made me cry because you see that no longer [is it] just a restaurant or customers – they’re family.” Overwhelmed with gratitude, Ruiz decided to share the unexpected windfall with her co-workers, emphasizing the beauty of selfless actions in a world often marked by chaos.

In times of uncertainty, acts of kindness like these serve as powerful reminders of the goodness that persists, bringing solace and unity to communities.


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