Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Controversial server takes stand against ‘kids eat free’ policies, citing negative impact on tips



Waitstaff controversy unveiled as server refuses employment at restaurants offering ‘kids eat free’ specials

In a bold revelation on TikTok, a server identified as Moe, username moe.makes.magick, shared her aversion to working in establishments that feature ‘kids eat free’ specials. In the viral video, Moe controversially labeled such policies as ‘abusive’ and explained the detrimental impact they have on tipping for waiting staff.

The server argued that ‘kids eat free’ offers attract a clientele that tends not to tip appropriately. Moe stated, “Those specials attract people who do not tip… Those places attract a clientele of people who tip based on the whole discounted price and not what the full price would have been, which, by the way, that is what you tip on.”

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She emphasized the frustration of being tipped solely on the amount paid for adult meals, disregarding the full bill before any discounts or promotions. Moe stressed the importance of calculating tips based on the total bill, not the discounted price.

While some viewers pointed out that ‘kids eat free’ often requires an adult to purchase a meal, Moe maintained her stance against such promotions. The server’s video sparked a debate in the comments, with individuals sharing their perspectives on tipping practices and the impact of discounted offers on waitstaff.

As the discussion continues, Moe’s revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics between restaurant policies, customer behavior, and the livelihood of serving staff.


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