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Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s $45 billion pay package amid controversy



Despite legal challenges and shareholder opposition, Elon Musk secures approval for his substantial compensation package at Tesla

In a decisive move amidst legal turmoil and shareholder dissent, Tesla shareholders have voted to approve Elon Musk’s $45 billion pay package. The decision marks a significant victory for Musk and Tesla’s board following a contentious battle over executive compensation.

The vote, announced on Thursday, comes after a Delaware judge had previously nullified a larger $56 billion payment package earlier in the year. The judge’s ruling cited concerns over the independence of Tesla’s board and the legitimacy of the compensation determination process.

Elon Musk, visibly elated, addressed shareholders immediately following the announcement, exclaiming, “I just want to start off by saying, hot damn, I love you guys!” His joyous reaction underscores the importance of the vote outcome to both Musk and Tesla’s leadership.

The approval of the $45 billion package is not without its challenges. Legal disputes surrounding the independence of Tesla’s board members persist, and questions remain about the fairness of the compensation structure despite the revised amount. The possibility of new lawsuits looms large, potentially prolonging the legal battle and adding complexity to Tesla’s corporate governance.

Key stakeholders, including Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and proxy advisory firms Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services, had voiced opposition to the package prior to the vote. Their concerns centered on governance issues and the potential for excessive compensation not aligned with shareholder interests.

The payment package, originally devised in 2017, ties Musk’s compensation to Tesla’s performance against revenue and market targets. Despite initial approval by shareholders in 2018, subsequent legal challenges have plagued the implementation of the package, culminating in the recent judicial setback.

Tesla’s board, faced with the task of justifying the package to shareholders and the courts, emphasized the potential consequences of rejecting the deal, including Musk’s potential disengagement from the company. The successful vote now positions the board to continue defending the package’s validity amid ongoing legal scrutiny.

Moving forward, Tesla shareholders also approved relocating the company’s legal domicile from Delaware to Texas, a decision that could further complicate the legal landscape surrounding Musk’s compensation and corporate governance.


Political Perspective: The approval highlights the complexities of corporate governance and executive compensation oversight, with implications for shareholder activism and legal challenges.

Social Perspective: Shareholder decisions reflect broader concerns over corporate transparency, accountability, and the alignment of executive compensation with company performance.

Legal Perspective: Ongoing litigation underscores the importance of regulatory scrutiny and judicial oversight in shaping corporate practices and governance reforms.

Economic Perspective: The financial magnitude of Musk’s compensation package raises questions about income inequality and its impact on Tesla’s financial health and shareholder value.


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