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Tesla enthusiast shells out jaw-dropping $122,135 for Cybertruck – internet buzzing with shock and awe



As Cybertruck orders soar, one Tesla devotee stuns reddit with his whopping receipt – a glimpse into the future or an expensive extravaganza?

In the realm of Tesla fandom, one enthusiast has taken the plunge, unveiling his Cybertruck order receipt that left the internet abuzz with astonishment. Tesla’s Cybertruck, touted by Elon Musk as a harbinger of the future, continues to dominate discussions, with its unique design and purported safety features.

While Musk vouches for the Cybertruck’s safety, concerns have been raised by experts regarding potential dangers to those outside the vehicle. The absence of a traditional ‘crumple zone’ in the Cybertruck has stirred debates about its impact on safety standards, especially in collisions with other vehicles.

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Despite the safety debates, the Cybertruck remains a sought-after machine, as evidenced by the Reddit user UTECHPIA, who willingly shared his jaw-dropping receipt totaling $122,135 for the futuristic vehicle. The Cybertruck, equipped with ultra-hard stainless-steel, has found a dedicated buyer who seems undeterred by the hefty price tag.

Cybertruck enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their orders, with speculations ranging from as early as 2024 to a more conservative estimate of five years. UTECHPIA, the Reddit user in question, expressed his excitement, revealing, “I got the email invite to put in my order on Fri, Dec 8, 7:30 PM PT, and placed my order within 5 minutes!”

As the Cybertruck frenzy continues, comments on the Reddit post reflect a mix of shock, desire, and humorous observations about the significant price tag. The future of transportation, it seems, comes with a hefty price, and UTECHPIA is unreservedly committed to being a part of it.


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