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Shockwaves as Cybertruck enthusiast shares receipt, revealing astonishing price tag



Reddit user leaves internet aghast with $122,135 bill for futuristic tesla Cybertruck

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In a shocking revelation, a Reddit user, known as UTECHPIA, has shared his Cybertruck order receipt, leaving people stunned by the hefty price he paid for Tesla’s much-anticipated vehicle. The Cybertruck, hailed by Elon Musk for its safety features, has raised concerns among car safety experts regarding potential dangers to pedestrians due to its unique stainless-steel body lacking a traditional ‘crumple zone.’

Despite safety debates, the Cybertruck continues to attract buyers, and UTECHPIA’s receipt underscores the significant financial commitment required to secure this futuristic vehicle. The total amount paid stands at an eye-watering $122,135, sparking reactions of disbelief across the internet.

As the Cybertruck’s popularity grows, estimated delivery times vary, with some reports suggesting orders may arrive as early as 2024. However, less optimistic estimations extend the wait to up to five years. UTECHPIA, eager for his Cybertruck experience, posted on Reddit, expressing excitement about the impending arrival, asking fellow users their thoughts on a 2023 delivery.

The Reddit user, already a Tesla enthusiast with ownership of a 2023 Tesla MYP (Model Y Performance), attracted comments reflecting shock at the high price tag. Some users expressed surprise at the purchase, given the reported price hikes and feature reductions, while others humorously contemplated becoming “cyberhomeless” to afford the coveted vehicle.


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