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Teenage girl in critical condition after contracting E. Coli at Christmas market



Antonia, 17, fights for life with suspected STEC-HUS: A devastating battle against e. Coli O157

In a harrowing incident, a 17-year-old girl named Antonia is currently fighting for her life in intensive care after contracting E. coli at a Christmas market. Antonia, from Buckinghamshire, has been battling suspected STEC-HUS, caused by E. coli O157, for the past two weeks. The bacterial infection has led to severe symptoms, including stomach pain, bloody diarrhea, and a fever.

Antonia is believed to have consumed contaminated food at a festive event in Great Missenden. Despite being allowed home for Christmas Day, she had to return to the hospital for further treatment due to kidney failure. The severity of the infection has required Antonia to undergo several operations, including bowel removal, dialysis, and a blood transfusion.

Her older sister, Jemima Hay, expressed the family’s anguish on a GoFundMe page, describing the situation as an “absolute nightmare” that has left them broken. Antonia’s determination and strength during this traumatic time were acknowledged, emphasizing her kind and caring nature.

Antonia’s life-threatening condition has prompted her family to seek financial support for her future and cover expenses while their parents are out of work. Antonia’s father, Steve, provided an update on Facebook, stating that she continues to fight for her life.

E. coli, a type of bacteria residing in the intestines, can lead to severe side effects, with certain strains causing harmful conditions like HUS. Antonia’s case underscores the importance of awareness and precautions regarding food safety, particularly during public events.

The family’s plea for assistance sheds light on the profound impact such health crises can have on a young person’s aspirations and dreams, emphasizing the need for community support during challenging times.


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