Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Teen prodigy makes gaming history: Tetris finally conquered at 13!



Check out the latest scoop on the gaming scene! While most video games are usually conquered by players, the iconic Tetris from 1988 for the original Nintendo remained an unconquered territory… until now! Willis Gibson, hailing from Oklahoma, recently etched his name in gaming history by achieving the unthinkable.

Instead of indulging in the usual favourites like FIFA or NBA, this 13-year-old gaming prodigy has a soft spot for the classic Tetris. And boy, is he phenomenal at it!

During a live stream last month, Gibson made headlines by achieving a mind-blowing ‘True Killerscreen’ in just 38 minutes. The game’s pace reached such a frenzy that it eventually crashed, a feat previously only accomplished by AI.

For years, gamers believed that level 30 was the ultimate screen killer after Thor Aackerlund’s ‘hyper tapping’ in 2010. However, Gibson shattered that record by reaching an astounding level 157, causing the game to implode. His Tetris journey began at the age of 11, dedicating an impressive three to five hours daily for practice.

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Taking his skills to gaming tournaments, Gibson clinched third place in one held last October. Reflecting on his triumph, he shared with StillWater News Press, “I aimed for the top 16 but went above and beyond. Meeting everyone I knew online was thrilling. I was more excited than nervous.”

And how does he manage such finesse in Tetris? Gibson revealed, “Instead of manually tapping each piece, I barely hover my finger over the controller’s button, rolling my fingers on the back. This technique ensures precise inputs.”

In the same interview, the determined teen affirmed his unwavering commitment to Tetris, stating, “I have no plans of stopping. I mean, I just beat the game!”

Stay tuned for more updates on Gibson’s gaming conquests as he continues to dominate the Tetris universe!


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