Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Surprise arrival: CBBC star Jade Alleyne’s secret baby joy revealed



Former child actor, now Netflix sensation, unveils seven-month-old bundle of joy

In an unexpected revelation, former CBBC child actor turned Netflix star, Jade Alleyne, has shared the delightful news that she welcomed her first child seven months ago. The young actress, who first gained recognition on the CBBC series 4 O’ Clock Club in 2015, surprised fans with adorable pictures on Instagram, introducing her partner, musician Ce Yung, and their precious newborn.

Jade, 22, took to Instagram to unveil glimpses of her newfound parenthood bliss. In a heartwarming black-and-white snapshot, the couple, joined by their little one, shared a tender moment on a piano stool, bathed in the warmth of sunshine streaming through their home. Another photo featured Jade, donning stylish zebra-print trousers, cradling her baby with evident joy.

Jade’s caption accompanied the sweet images, “7 months ago the Lord blessed us with the safe delivery of a beautiful baby boy. We gave thanks and began the new stretch of parenthood.” Expressing gratitude for the love, gifts, and support they’ve received, Jade acknowledged the unique journey of exploring new depths and unparalleled joy in this special time.

“We have been showered with love, gifts, blessings, grace, safety and support. This time has been like no other. We have explored new depths and known joy like never yet before,” Jade shared in her heartfelt message. She concluded with a note of gratitude to God, expressing thanks for the eternal blessings bestowed upon their family.

Jade Alleyne’s career took off when she portrayed the rebellious teen Clem Burton on CBBC’s 4 O’ Clock Club. Following her time on the popular kids’ show, she ventured into Disney’s The Lodge in 2016, releasing her debut single “If You Only Knew” as part of the show’s soundtrack. Notably, in 2019, Jade recorded the theme song for the Disney Channel animated series Sadie Sparks and played the role of Ruby Bisme-Lyons in the BBC drama Years and Years. Her Netflix debut came with the drama White Lines, showcasing her versatile talent and earning her a place among the emerging stars in the entertainment industry.

Jade Alleyne’s surprise revelation has left fans enchanted, celebrating the joyous addition to her life and eagerly anticipating her continued success in both her personal and professional journey.


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