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Star Kody Brown waves goodbye to polygamy: Embraces monogamy for a fresh sister wives start



Kody Brown ditches multiple marriages for a singular commitment, setting the gossip Mill Ablazeseas

In a shocking turn of events, the charismatic TV personality and Sister Wives star, Kody Brown, is bidding farewell to polygamy, opting for a monogamous lifestyle instead. The reality TV star recently spilled the tea on his decision, revealing that he’s steering his love life in a new direction.

Polygamy, a term synonymous with Kody’s relationships, involves multiple spouses simultaneously. However, the Sister Wives star, after experiencing the breakdown of relationships with three former wives in quick succession, is now embracing the more conventional route of monogamy – a commitment to a single life partner.

Kody’s marital rollercoaster began with the announcement of his split from third wife, Christine, in November 2021, marking the end of a 25-year union. The drama continued a year later when Kody parted ways with both Janelle and his first wife, Meri, in December 2022, leaving Robyn as his sole and legal wife.

Undeterred by the twists and turns of his romantic journey, Kody is now dedicated to making it work with Robyn in their newfound monogamous relationship. In an exclusive interview on Sister Wives: One on One with host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody expressed his disinterest in welcoming another sister into the mix, firmly stating, “I would have to tell that woman I will never love you as much as I love her – now I know better.”

Despite the challenges, Kody seems determined to navigate the intricacies of monogamy with Robyn. However, not everyone is convinced of the lasting success of their singular commitment. Janelle, one of Kody’s former wives, commented, “He’s now talking more and more about, ‘As we move forward into monogamy.’ So, I think that’s where he’s headed.”

Robyn, on the other hand, expressed reservations about proceeding with a single marriage, finding it “weird” and potentially “disrespectful” given their history of polygamous unions.

As the Sister Wives drama unfolds, only time will tell if Kody and Robyn can make monogamy work. The couple, once part of a polygamous ensemble, is now at the center of attention as they navigate the uncharted waters of a one-on-one commitment.


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