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Stanley cup mania: Limited editions spark chaos in stores and soaring prices online



Target’s exclusive Valentine’s Day cups turned social media craze lead to resale frenzy

Limited edition Stanley cups from Target, initially priced at $45, have ignited a social media frenzy, causing chaos in stores and prompting resale prices to skyrocket online. The viral trend began when a TikToker demonstrated the cup surviving a car fire, capturing the attention of enthusiastic fans.

Reports emerged of people queuing outside Target stores from the early hours, eager to secure one of the Valentine’s Day limited-edition cups, available in pink and red. Videos on TikTok showcased the pandemonium, with some individuals reportedly getting trampled in the rush to grab the sought-after “40 Oz stainless steel H2.0 Flowstate Quencher Tumbler.”

The limited supply and high demand have led to resale prices surging on online platforms like eBay and Poshmark. A listing on eBay features a single pink Valentine’s Day Heart 40 Target Tumbler, labelled “Limited Edition Cosmo Pink,” priced at an astonishing $400. Another listing offers a set of five cups, including both pink and red versions, for a staggering $840.

Poshmark listings vary, with Valentine’s cups selling for around $250-300, while some sellers attempt to fetch up to $699 before offering discounts. The Starbucks edition of the cup has also found its way into resale markets, with prices reaching $999, though discounted to $292 in some cases.

The limited-edition Stanley cups have become a symbol of consumer frenzy, prompting debates about the value of securing one versus the exorbitant resale prices. The popularity of the cups is attributed to their durability, as demonstrated in the viral TikTok video where the cup survived a car fire.

As social media continues to fuel the hype around these exclusive cups, the question remains: Are these limited editions worth the in-store chaos or the high resale prices, or is it better to opt for the non-limited edition versions available at a more reasonable price?


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