Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Stacey Solomon claps back at critics after lavish holiday surprise for 20 family members: ‘This time was essential!



Stacey Solomon Surprises Family with Lavish Christmas Holiday

The ever-effervescent Stacey Solomon has stunned her extended family with a lavish holiday getaway to a dreamy paradise this festive season. But not all her followers are cheering about the grand gesture.

The ‘Sort Your Life Out’ presenter, married to Joe Swash, unveiled that she gifted a sun-soaked holiday to 20 members of her family for Christmas. Sharing the heartwarming moment they unwrapped the gift on Instagram, she expressed her immense gratitude and disbelief at being able to pull off such a surprise. With 20 family members in tow, they landed in what she described as “paradise,” marking a truly special Christmas for them all.

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However, while many admired the gesture, some of her followers weren’t entirely pleased, considering the financial struggles many people are facing during these times. Expressing their concerns about flaunting such luxuries on social media, a few questioned the timing and sensitivity of the post.

One commenter noted, “I just wonder, when lots of people are struggling financially to even get through Christmas, whether this really needs to be shared. I think people forget that posting everything on social media is optional.”

Despite the backlash, there was a strong wave of support for Stacey. Her defenders highlighted her own past financial hardships and commended her hard work and determination that led to this gesture. They emphasized the value of generosity, whether it’s treating family to a holiday or even a small token of affection.

“Don’t be so mean-spirited,” one supporter retorted. “She’s had her own financial struggles and, through hard work and creativity, has finally managed to do this for her family. It’s good to surprise and treat family – whether it’s with a holiday or even a bar of chocolate. There’s a lesson in generosity to take on board here.”

Stacey herself responded to the comments through her Stories, expressing her need for this quality time with her family. She acknowledged the year’s ups and downs and shared her resolution to embrace life more fully in the coming year, unbothered by others’ opinions.

“I so needed this time with my family,” Stacey wrote. “So much can happen in a year and I’m so grateful to be spending special time with our parents and sisters and nieces and nephews. I’m definitely talking about fudge this year for 2024. I feel like I’ve already started. No more worrying about what people say or think. It’s time to just live.”

Well said indeed, Stacey! Cheers to a Happy New Year!


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