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Sony interactive entertainment CEO’s epic farewell gift sparks envy among gamers



Jim Ryan’s unique ‘Jim Ryan’ PS5 – A nostalgic blast from PlayStation’s past leaves fans green with jealousy

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As Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) President and CEO, Jim Ryan, prepares to bid adieu in spring 2024, the gaming community finds itself awash with envy over the extraordinary farewell gift presented at his recent retirement party.

In a gaming world dominated by customary parting gestures, the PlayStation luminary received a send-off befitting his legacy. The envy-inducing gift, unveiled by PlayStation Employee Network vertical lead Yuichi Haga on X (formerly Twitter), is none other than a bespoke PlayStation 5 crafted in the iconic style of the inaugural PlayStation 1.

The unique console, referred to as the ‘Jim Ryan PS5,’ features the classic two-tone grey colours reminiscent of the original PlayStation, accompanied by an equally nostalgic controller. The controller proudly displays the original red, yellow, green, and blue PlayStation buttons, capturing the essence of gaming’s golden era.

Amid the social media outcry, fans expressed their envy and desire to own this limited-edition piece of gaming history. One enthusiast remarked, “Yes, how can you not be jealous? I would like to own a piece of gaming history. The first PlayStation looked dope. It had the best intro sound and animation too!”

Another fan, gripped by PlayStation nostalgia, declared, “You can keep your slim, I want this,” as the chorus of desire echoed with comments like, “I want it! And I want it yesterday!” and “That box art gives me nostalgia, and the controller is awesome!”

The ‘Jim Ryan PS5’ draws parallels with a limited edition console released in 2014, commemorating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. Sporting the iconic design of the 1990s, these consoles were sold in extremely limited quantities, adding an additional layer of allure to Jim Ryan’s exclusive parting gift.

While the prospect of a widespread release of a PS5 in this classic mould remains uncertain, fans, fueled by hope and anticipation, may yet witness a nostalgic celebration of the console’s 30th anniversary next year.


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