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Skydiver’s astonishing survival: Ants become unlikely heroes after parachute failure



Joan Murray’s miraculous tale of falling 14,500 feet and the unusual saviors

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In an extraordinary turn of events, experienced skydiver Joan Murray defied the odds after her parachute malfunctioned during a daring dive in South Carolina. Plummeting an astonishing 14,500 feet, Murray’s survival hinged on an unexpected ally—red ants.

Murray, an employee at the Bank of America Corporation, was conducting her 36th skydive, testing new equipment when disaster struck in 1999. As she leaped from the plane, her parachute failed to open, initiating a rapid descent at a staggering 80 miles per hour.

Remaining remarkably composed, Murray activated her reserve parachute, but it too malfunctioned, leaving her 700 feet above the ground with slim chances of survival. However, the story takes a surreal twist as Murray landed on a mound of red ants, triggering an unusual and life-saving alliance.

Despite sustaining injuries from the fall, Murray found herself lying on the anthill, conscious but unable to move. The venomous ants attacked, biting and stinging her over 200 times. Astonishingly, the toxins injected into Murray’s system acted as an adrenaline surge, keeping her heart beating and aiding her survival until paramedics arrived.

Transported to Carolina Medical Center, Murray’s injuries were extensive, including shattered bones and missing teeth. Doctors placed her in a coma for 17 blood transfusions and 20 reconstructive surgeries. Two years later, displaying unparalleled resilience, Murray returned to the skies.

Tragically, Murray passed away in May of the previous year after a courageous battle with cancer. Her obituary pays tribute to her enduring spirit, highlighting her survival story that continues to captivate social media.

Joan Murray’s legacy lives on as a testament to the unexpected twists of fate and the indomitable will to defy the impossible.


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