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Six-year-old Texan sensation joins Mensa, aims to become a doctor



Chandler Hughes, reading prodigy, emerges as one of Mensa’s youngest members

In a remarkable feat, six-year-old Chandler Hughes from Texas has become one of Mensa’s youngest members, showcasing his exceptional intellectual prowess. Chandler, who began reading at the tender age of one year and nine months, has now joined the ranks of this prestigious organization known for its members scoring within the upper two percent of the general population on intelligence tests.

Chandler’s journey into the world of letters and numbers defied conventional timelines, surpassing the expectations of his age group. Mastering second-grade reading and math levels before even entering pre-kindergarten, he skipped kindergarten altogether and dove straight into the challenges of first grade.

Mensa, an elite organization boasting around 150,000 members globally, welcomed Chandler into its ranks, making him one of the most junior members in the United States. With members ranging from engineers and teachers to actors and CEOs, Mensa is an exclusive community for individuals demonstrating extraordinary intelligence.

While Chandler’s intellectual abilities have flourished, his father is now focusing on enhancing his socialization skills. Chandler’s father acknowledges the importance of a supportive environment in nurturing his son’s talents, emphasizing the backing of teachers and peers.

Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Chandler has his sights set on the future, aspiring to become a medical doctor. Expressing his desire to help others in times of illness, Chandler’s ambitions reflect a compassionate drive that extends beyond his exceptional academic capabilities.

The news of Chandler’s induction into Mensa follows the footsteps of a two-year-old prodigy from Kentucky, Isla McNabb, who also earned the distinction of being the youngest member of American Mensa. Isla, with her early grasp of colors, numbers, and the alphabet, entered Mensa at the 99th percentile for the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales.

As Chandler embarks on his journey within Mensa, the organization offers a range of activities and resources, including tours, guest speakers, intellectually stimulating events, and online communities, providing a platform for gifted individuals to connect and thrive.

In a world where brilliance knows no age, Chandler Hughes emerges as a shining example of youthful excellence, leaving many intrigued by the promising trajectory of this budding genius.


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