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Shocking twist: Big breakfast celeb Jody Bunting arrested for alleged chocolate-linked attempted murder!



Former Channel 4 sensation Jody Bunting, famed for his stint on the Big Breakfast back in the early 2000s, has found himself in the midst of a jaw-dropping controversy. This 45-year-old, now a fitness guru based in Derbyshire, was nabbed by the cops at Luton Airport fresh off a holiday in Morocco on November 2. The reason? Suspected involvement in the attempted murder of a coworker – a claim vehemently denied by Bunting.

The plot thickens around an incident at Mickleover Court Hotel Leisure Club, where a staff member was rushed to Royal Derby Hospital’s intensive care after an allergic reaction to chocolate on October 29. Allegations fly that Bunting orchestrated this by purposefully placing the chocolate, an accusation he staunchly refutes.

In the midst of this bizarre scenario, Bunting recounts his shock at the arrest, recalling the surreal experience of being cuffed in public at the airport. “It was unreal,” he exclaimed, noting the warnings he received from gym members regarding this potential turn of events. Bunting even humorously mentions a custody sergeant’s curiosity about his ability to perform high kicks, having recognized him from his TV days.

In an interview with Derbyshire Live, Bunting sheds light on the conditions of his bail, highlighting his inability to communicate with Mickleover Court staff or step foot in the club. Adapting to the circumstances, he focuses on his remaining fitness classes and online coaching, aiming to steer his career toward independence. However, grappling with the fallout, he faces the dilemma of explaining his situation to concerned members, finding the humorous irony in people’s reactions upon learning it involves a mere piece of chocolate.

Jody, who once weighed a staggering 31 stone during his Channel 4 stint, reflects on the incredulity that surrounds his current predicament. “When I tell people it’s over a piece of chocolate, they actually laugh out loud,” he shares, finding amusement in the stark contrast to his weight loss journey and past endeavours.

Amidst it all, Bunting claims silence from Derbyshire Police since his arrest, while official statements confirm his bail and ongoing investigations into the incident at Mickleover Court Hotel during late October 2023.


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