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Shocking Nottingham rampage ends in dramatic taser arrest – triple killer faces life behind bars



Killer’s terrifying knife and van rampage leaves community shattered – the haunting moments unveiled in court

In a chilling turn of events, the streets of Nottingham witnessed a horrifying rampage as Valdo Calocane, a 31-year-old man, was Tasered and arrested by the police after brutally claiming three lives. The assailant, who had already stabbed two students to death near their university halls, later went on a rampage with a van, leaving a school caretaker dead and several pedestrians injured.

The ordeal unfolded in the early hours of the morning, as Calocane mercilessly attacked 19-year-olds Grace O’Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber. The heroic efforts of Grace to shield her friend proved futile, leading to a brutal assault on her as well. The disturbing CCTV footage captures the assailant calmly walking away from the crime scene, setting the stage for a tragic sequence of events.

After the initial stabbings, Calocane proceeded to fatally knife 65-year-old Ian Coates, a school caretaker, before commandeering a white van. The attacker then went on a reckless spree, ramming into pedestrians and causing further chaos on Magdala Road. Three more individuals – Sharon Miller, Marcin Gawronski, and Wayne Birkett – suffered injuries in the vehicular assault.

Calocane, who had been suffering from “extreme” mental illness at the time, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Shockingly, it was revealed that an arrest warrant had been issued for him in September 2022, making the tragedy a culmination of missed opportunities by law enforcement.

Nottingham Crown Court heard emotional victim impact statements from the families of the deceased. Grace’s father, Dr Sanjoy Kumar, condemned Calocane as a “cold, cowardly, and calculating killer,” praising his daughter’s heroic attempts to intervene. Barnaby’s mother, Emma Webber, expressed utter rage towards the murderer, stating that her son’s life had been stolen in a senseless and evil manner.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Griffin admitted, “We should have done more to arrest him,” acknowledging the lapses in the handling of Calocane’s case. The court proceedings revealed the haunting final moments of the victims, leaving their families devastated and the community grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event.

As Calocane now faces an indefinite hospital order, the community attempts to heal from the scars of this shocking incident. The devastating consequences of mental illness and the lapses in law enforcement procedures demand urgent attention, emphasizing the need for improved mental health support and a thorough review of existing protocols.


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