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Key suspect in Sarabjit Singh murder case fatally shot in Lahore



Amir Sarfaraz, implicated in the 2013 killing of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, was killed at his home by unknown assailants

In a startling incident in Lahore, Amir Sarfaraz, also known as Amir Tamba, was shot dead at his residence in Islampura. Sarfaraz, a suspect in the murder of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh at Kot Lakhpat Jail in 2013, succumbed to gunshot wounds after being targeted by two unidentified men on motorcycles.

The attack occurred early Sunday when Sarfaraz was inside his home on the first floor of a building on Ganga Street. According to Junaid Sarfaraz, the victim’s younger brother, the house gate was open when two masked assailants approached and fired at Sarfaraz, hitting him with four bullets, two in the chest and two in the legs. Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, Sarfaraz did not survive his injuries.

Amir Sarfaraz, along with another suspect named Mudassir, was accused of brutally attacking Sarabjit Singh with iron rods and bricks in 2013, leading to Singh’s death. Singh had been on death row, convicted of involvement in bombings in Lahore during the 1990s. Although a murder case was registered against Sarfaraz and his co-accused, they were later acquitted due to lack of evidence.

This killing adds to a series of violent incidents targeting individuals involved in high-profile cross-border tensions. In October last year, Shahid Latif, a leader of Jaish-e-Mohammad and alleged mastermind behind the 2016 Pathankot airbase attack, was also shot dead in a mosque in Daska along with his security guards.

These incidents have escalated tensions between India and Pakistan, with each nation accusing the other of orchestrating attacks on their soil. The death of Sarfaraz has once again highlighted the ongoing violence and the shadowy nature of cross-border retaliation, reflecting the deep-seated animosity and the complex web of accusations that persist between the two countries.


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