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Sabrina Carpenter celebrates her 25th birthday with a Leonardo DiCaprio-themed cake, poking fun at the actor’s dating habits



The cake humorously referenced DiCaprio’s noted dating pattern, sparking laughter and nods to a well-known Hollywood jest

Pop singer Sabrina Carpenter marked her 25th birthday with a touch of humour, featuring a cake that playfully referenced Leonardo DiCaprio’s infamous dating preferences. This celebration unfolded with a vanilla-frosted cake adorned with a graphic of DiCaprio, surrounded by friends and laughter, encapsulating a light-hearted nod to a well-trodden Hollywood joke.

The cake’s decoration included the phrase, “Noo don’t turn 25, you’re so sexy aha,” a jest about DiCaprio’s reputed inclination to date younger women, primarily those in their early to mid-20s. The jest was shared widely on social media platforms, including Instagram Stories by notable attendees such as Ice Spice and Taylor Zakhar Perez. Carpenter’s boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, also featured in the celebration, seen watching the singer as she made her birthday wish.

The joke on Carpenter’s cake is a continuation of a recurring theme in pop culture, highlighting DiCaprio’s dating life, which has frequently made headlines. The joke gained additional notoriety when Kenan Thompson quipped at the 2022 Emmys about actress Zendaya turning 26, humorously remarking that she was now “too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

DiCaprio, 49, currently dating 25-year-old model Vittoria Ceretti, has faced both media and public scrutiny over his relationship patterns. Despite engagement rumours sparked earlier this year, DiCaprio and Ceretti have not confirmed any progression towards marriage. The actor’s previous relationship with Camila Morrone, which lasted nearly five years, ended amidst similar commentary about his dating preferences.

Reports suggest that DiCaprio is aware of and disconcerted by the jokes surrounding his dating life, expressing a desire to move beyond this image and find a more mature relationship. He aims to shed this caricatured perception, seeking a connection that mirrors the seriousness of his past long-term relationship.


Sociological Perspective:

Sabrina Carpenter’s birthday cake symbolizes more than a private joke among friends; it reflects broader societal conversations about age and relationships in the spotlight of celebrity culture. This incident underscores how celebrity actions can amplify societal norms and expectations, turning personal milestones into public discourse.

Media Influence Perspective:

The media’s fixation on DiCaprio’s dating life exemplifies the influence of celebrity-focused narratives in shaping public perceptions. These narratives often sustain interest not only in the celebrities themselves but in the dynamics of personal relationships within the limelight, serving as a form of entertainment that blurs the lines between personal privacy and public interest.

Cultural Commentary Perspective:

The recurring jokes about DiCaprio’s dating habits offer a critique of and commentary on age dynamics within relationships, particularly in Hollywood. These jokes, while humorous, poke at underlying cultural tensions about age, power, and romance, highlighting a critical awareness of how age can intersect with gender and power in high-profile relationships.


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