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Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Rita Ora opens up about her refugee journey: ‘Grateful for every blessing’



Rita Ora Shocks Fans with Her Origin Story Ahead of The Masked Singer Return

Pop sensation Rita Ora is hitting our screens again as The Masked Singer makes its wild comeback tonight (December 30). But did you know that Rita’s journey to stardom began far from the UK?

Born in November 1990 in Pristina, Kosovo, to Albanian parents, Rita’s rise to fame was meteoric, marked by hit after hit in the early 2010s, from “How We Do (Party)” to “Anywhere.”

But beyond the glitz of the music scene, Rita’s story holds a remarkable depth. Her family fled Kosovo when she was just a year old, seeking refuge in London to escape persecution. In a heartfelt interview with The Sun in 2012, Rita shared her family’s struggle, revealing that her parents arrived in the UK without knowledge of the English language.

Despite the challenges, Rita has always remained connected to her roots, fluently speaking Albanian and frequently returning to Kosovo. In a poignant revelation to British Vogue in 2020, she highlighted her parents’ sacrifices, mentioning how they left behind established careers to start anew, emphasizing that their primary focus was safeguarding their family.

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Rita, a prominent face on TV and in fashion besides her musical endeavors, has been vocal about her refugee past. In a recent interview with the Big Issue, she expressed her pride in her journey, stressing the importance of acknowledging her refugee beginnings.

“For kids like me from where I’m from, it doesn’t really happen,” she noted, underscoring the significance of her success while humbly acknowledging the hurdles many face.

As she graces our screens once again, Rita Ora’s story serves as a powerful reminder of resilience and determination, a testament to her unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.


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