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Rishi Sunak furious over alleged election betting scandal vows tough action



Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expresses anger and promises consequences following allegations of Tory candidates betting on election dates

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed deep frustration and vowed severe consequences after allegations surfaced that Conservative Party candidates placed bets on the upcoming election date. The scandal has intensified scrutiny of ethical standards within the party just weeks before polling day.

During a BBC Question Time leader’s special, Sunak described the situation as “a really serious matter” and emphasized that those under suspicion are being investigated by law enforcement agencies. He made it clear that if any individuals were found to have violated regulations, they would face legal repercussions and expulsion from the Conservative Party.

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The controversy centres around Laura Saunders, a candidate for Bristol North West, and her husband Tony Lee, who is the director of campaigns. Both are currently under investigation by the Gambling Commission for their alleged involvement in betting activities related to the election date. Saunders affirmed her cooperation with the investigation, while Lee took a leave of absence from his role.

Earlier revelations implicated Craig Williams, Sunak’s parliamentary aide and the Tory candidate for Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr, who admitted to placing bets on the election. Williams stated that he is fully cooperating with inquiries into the matter.

Adding to the turmoil, Sunak’s close protection officer has been arrested and suspended over alleged betting activities related to election timing. Despite these developments, Sunak defended the decision not to suspend implicated candidates immediately, citing the need to respect the integrity of ongoing investigations.

The allegations have sparked outrage across political circles, with opposition leaders criticizing the Conservative Party’s handling of the situation. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for swift action, demanding suspensions for those involved. He questioned Sunak’s leadership, highlighting what he described as a pattern of ethical lapses within the Tory ranks.

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In a recent BBC Question Time leaders’ special, Rishi Sunak addressed the allegations regarding betting on the election date, expressing strong sentiments and outlining the government’s stance:

  1. Emotional Response: Sunak conveyed being “incredibly angry” upon learning about the betting allegations involving members of his team, including his close protection officer and parliamentary aide. He emphasized the seriousness of the matter and asserted that those found guilty should face the “full force of the law.”
  2. Legal and Investigative Process: Sunak reiterated that ongoing investigations by law enforcement agencies, including the Metropolitan Police and the Gambling Commission, must proceed diligently and independently to uphold the integrity of the process. He stated that if any individuals are found to have breached rules or laws, they should be expelled from the Conservative Party.
  3. Political Impact and Scrutiny: The issue has surfaced amidst broader scrutiny of the government’s integrity and management, particularly in light of recent controversies. Sunak’s response during the BBC Question Time was seen as an opportunity to directly address public concerns and defend the Conservative Party’s commitment to accountability.
  4. Audience and Media Perception: Sunak faced a challenging audience during the session, with some questioning the integrity and leadership of the Tory party amidst the allegations. His responses, though forceful, were also scrutinized for consistency and effectiveness in addressing the public’s concerns.
  5. Policy and Security Issues: Beyond the betting allegations, Sunak also addressed policy issues such as national service and the UK’s stance on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), reflecting broader themes in the election campaign.

Overall, Sunak’s appearance on BBC Question Time underscored the gravity of the betting allegations and sought to reassure the public through a firm commitment to legal and ethical standards. The outcome of ongoing investigations will likely influence public opinion and political dynamics leading up to the election.


In response to the recent allegations involving betting on the election date, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed strong emotions and outlined the Conservative Party’s stance:

  1. Anger and Seriousness: Sunak described himself as “incredibly angry” upon hearing about the allegations. He emphasized that the matter is serious and warrants thorough investigation by relevant law enforcement authorities, including the Gambling Commission. Sunak stressed the importance of respecting the integrity of the investigative process.
  2. Consequences for Wrongdoing: Sunak asserted that if individuals are found to have violated gambling rules or laws, they should face the full legal consequences. He further stated his commitment to ensuring that any such individuals are expelled from the Conservative Party.
  3. Ongoing Investigations: The investigations involve multiple individuals linked to Sunak, including Tony Lee, the Conservative Party’s director of campaigning, and a police officer from Sunak’s close protection team. Laura Saunders and Craig Williams, both Conservative election candidates, have also been mentioned in connection with the investigations.
  4. Legal and Privacy Issues: Laura Saunders, a candidate in Bristol North West, has responded through her solicitors, indicating her cooperation with the Gambling Commission. She has criticized the media’s handling of the investigation, expressing concern over privacy rights and potential legal action against media outlets.
  5. Political Responses: Opposition parties, including Labour and the Liberal Democrats, have called for the suspension of Saunders and Williams pending the outcome of investigations. They have criticized the Conservative Party’s handling of the situation, suggesting it prioritizes punitive measures against young people over addressing the integrity concerns raised by the betting allegations.
  6. Public Interest and Media Reporting: The BBC defended its decision to report on the allegations against Saunders, citing public interest due to her status as an election candidate. The Gambling Commission continues its investigation into potential offences related to betting on the election date.

Overall, the fallout from these allegations underscores broader concerns about integrity in politics and electoral processes, with implications for the upcoming general election and public trust in political leadership.

Financial Times

The Financial Times article delves into a controversy surrounding unusual betting activities preceding Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement of the UK general election date. According to data from Betfair Exchange analyzed by the Financial Times, there was a sudden surge in bets predicting a July election date just before Sunak officially announced it on May 22. This surge, totalling thousands of pounds, occurred despite initial odds indicating a less than 25% chance of a July election, suggesting possible insider knowledge or speculative manipulation.

The investigation by the Gambling Commission has centred on Tony Lee, the Conservative Party’s director of campaigning, who has taken a leave of absence due to the probe. Lee’s wife, Laura Saunders, a Conservative candidate for Bristol North West, is also under investigation for her alleged involvement in these bets. Prime Minister Sunak, during a BBC Question Time special, expressed deep frustration and pledged to expel any party members found guilty of breaking gambling laws. He emphasized the gravity of the investigations and stressed the importance of maintaining the integrity of the process.

Saunders’ legal representative criticized media coverage of the investigation, arguing it violated her privacy rights. Saunders intends to cooperate with the Gambling Commission but is contemplating legal action against media outlets involved in the publication of her case.

The fallout from these revelations has been political as well, with opposition parties, notably Labour led by Sir Keir Starmer, calling for Saunders’ suspension as a candidate, contrasting it with their party’s stated protocols for handling such controversies. Additionally, a police officer from Sunak’s protection team was arrested under suspicion of placing similar bets, further complicating the matter.

The Gambling Commission continues its investigation into potential offenses related to betting on election dates, refraining from disclosing specific details but reaffirming the seriousness of their inquiry. Financial details of the bets, such as a £415 wager offering a potential profit of £2,900, highlight the significant stakes involved and the implications for the integrity of political processes and public trust


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