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Revealed: BBC’s iconic Only Fools and Horses scene altered when star crashed set!



Only Fools and Horses’ iconic bar scene had a surprising twist!

The classic ’89 episode of ‘Yuppy Love’ from Only Fools and Horses gifted audiences with the unforgettable moment when Del Boy went bar-diving. However, an auctioned rehearsal script has uncovered a secret—the scene didn’t originally include Roger Lloyd Pack’s Trigger.

John Sullivan’s script, now up for auction, revealed a deviation from the initial plan. According to Andy Stowe, the valuer, the scene was intended without Trigger until Roger turned up unexpectedly on set. The unplanned addition of Trigger added humor, but it was Sir David Jason’s timing and portrayal that made the scene an all-time classic.

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Actor John Challis, who played Boycie, confirmed the last-minute addition, highlighting Roger’s unplanned circling and Del Boy’s antics. Roger himself cherished the scene as a highlight from the series, acknowledging the episode’s fame and special nature at an Only Fools convention.

The late Roger Lloyd Pack passed away in 2014, remembered fondly by Sir David Jason and his co-stars for his quiet demeanor and versatile acting beyond the lovable Trigger.


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