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Reinvestigation launched into death of Model scout linked to Epstein’s sex abuse ring



French authorities to scrutinize major dysfunctions in the criminal chain leading to the suicide of jean-Luc Brunel

In the wake of the unsealing of court documents that implicated Prince Andrew in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, a fresh investigation is set to be launched into the death of French model scout Jean-Luc Brunel. The late Brunel, 74, was found hanging in his La Santé prison cell in February 2022, and his death was initially ruled as suicide. However, following complaints by his lawyers about major errors in the investigation, an “administrative investigation” is now being demanded.

Brunel, who had close ties to the disgraced financier Epstein, was indicted in connection with a global underage sex ring orchestrated by Epstein. The investigation will focus on alleged “major dysfunctions” in the criminal chain that led to Brunel’s suicide. Barrister Marianne Abgrall, in a statement to AFP, revealed that Brunel’s legal team had contacted the Minister of Justice to request an inspection mission by the Inspectorate General of Justice.

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The French model scout was arrested in December 2020 by an anti-paedophilia unit while attempting to board a plane to Senegal. He had denied any wrongdoing, but the French judicial inquiry into Brunel’s conduct had been ongoing since August 2019. The investigation included allegations that Brunel shared a lover with Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a key figure in the Epstein case, had accused Brunel of sexual relations between the ages of 16 and 19.

Brunel, the founder of MC2 model agency, was suspected of using his fashion industry contacts to provide victims to Epstein and his associates. The model scout allegedly flew three sisters from a Paris housing estate to America as a “birthday present” for Epstein. Prosecutors believed that MC2 was a cover for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Epstein, who was a friend and business associate of Brunel’s, committed suicide in his New York prison cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial for various offenses, including trafficking minors for sex. Brunel’s death added another layer to the complex web of individuals connected to Epstein and raised questions about accountability and the handling of justice in high-profile cases.

Prince Andrew, who has been a subject of renewed scrutiny since the release of court documents, continues to grapple with allegations while the investigation into Epstein’s network expands. The unfolding developments underscore the ongoing efforts to shed light on the extent of Epstein’s crimes and bring justice to the victims.


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