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Tag: Death

Families commemorate 50th anniversary of Dublin and Monaghan bombings

Relatives of the victims gather to remember their loved ones and seek justice for the 1974 attacks

Whooping cough hotspots revealed: Worst outbreak in 40 years claims five babies’ lives

UK Health Security Agency reports five infant deaths and nearly 3,000 cases in early 2024; vaccination rates decline

49ers mourn the loss of Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson

The legendary defensive back and wide receiver, known for his humility and courage, passes away at age 86

Celebrated actor Bernard Hill passes away at 79

Bernard Hill, renowned for roles in 'Titanic' and 'Lord of the Rings', leaves a lasting legacy in film and television

Tragic sword attack in Hainault, London, claims life of 14-year-old

A devastating incident unfolded in Hainault, London, resulting in the death of a young boy and injuries to four others, including two police officers

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