Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Ranvir Singh faces backlash on GMB: Viewers wonder, ‘Is she interviewing herself?’ while substituting for Kate Garraway



Ranvir Singh accused of taking over Good Morning Britain as viewers slam her interrupting style during Clare Balding’s interview

Ranvir Singh, stepping in for Kate Garraway on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, found herself under fire as viewers criticized her for repeatedly interrupting Clare Balding during an interview. Viewers took to social media platforms, jesting that it seemed like Ranvir was conducting a self-interview and urging her to allow the guests to speak.

Previously filling in for Lorraine Kelly, Ranvir announced her hosting stint for the show, alongside Louise Minchin and Meera Syal. However, the attention shifted to the on-air dynamic as she navigated the hosting role.

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Meanwhile, the show’s regular host Kate Garraway has been enduring a tumultuous time as her husband, Derek Draper, continues to face severe health challenges after battling COVID-19. Derek, who contracted the virus in 2020, has been hospitalized with ongoing health issues, including kidney failure, brain inflammation, and liver damage.

Kate has been steadfastly supporting Derek, holding a constant vigil by his bedside. With Christmas approaching, Kate has reportedly canceled all work engagements to be with her husband and their two children, hoping for a positive turn of events.

Despite Derek’s setbacks, Kate remains optimistic, sharing that while there hasn’t been a significant improvement, there hasn’t been regression either. She’s adjusted to a “new normal” and continues to hope for progress in Derek’s health, recently mentioning a treatment that they hope will lead to positive outcomes.


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