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Monday July 22, 2024

Rahul Gandhi champions Neet aspirants, criticizes PM Modi’s silence



Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi pledges support for NEET-UG students amidst exam irregularity claims, questions Prime Minister Modi’s inaction

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has voiced strong support for NEET-UG students protesting alleged irregularities in the 2024 exams. In a video shared from his interaction with the students, Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not addressing their concerns.

Gandhi pointed out that thousands of students, along with their families, are protesting in extreme heat, demanding a fair investigation into the alleged irregularities. He assured the students that the INDIA bloc stands with them in their struggle, both on the streets and in parliament.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a crucial exam for students aspiring to join undergraduate medical programs. However, recent allegations of malpractice have led to widespread protests and demands for transparency. The issue has gained significant attention, with students seeking justice and reforms to ensure the integrity of the examination process.

Gandhi’s engagement with the NEET aspirants highlights the opposition’s commitment to educational fairness and accountability. His public support aims to bring the students’ plight to the forefront, urging the government to take necessary action.


  • Political: Rahul Gandhi’s outspoken support for NEET aspirants strategically positions the Congress party and the INDIA bloc as advocates for student rights and educational transparency. By highlighting the government’s inaction, Gandhi aims to attract young voters and their families, potentially increasing the opposition’s support base ahead of future elections.
  • Social: The NEET protest reflects broader societal concerns about educational fairness and integrity. Students and families demanding justice underscore a growing frustration with perceived systemic flaws in critical national examinations. Gandhi’s involvement amplifies these concerns, pushing for reforms to restore confidence in the education system.
  • Racial: The NEET controversy does not directly touch on racial issues, but educational fairness is crucial for all demographic groups. Ensuring transparency and integrity in such exams is vital for maintaining equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Gender: While the issue of NEET irregularities is not gender-specific, educational fairness impacts all students. Ensuring a fair examination process is essential for maintaining equal opportunities for male and female students alike, promoting gender equality in education and professional opportunities.

Economical: The NEET exam is a gateway to medical education, which can significantly impact students’ economic futures. Alleged irregularities threaten the prospects of deserving candidates, potentially affecting their career paths and economic stability. Addressing these issues is crucial for ensuring fair access to educational and professional opportunities, which in turn influences broader economic equity


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