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Putin’s £260 million spy plane takes a dive in dramatic aerial showdown!



In a riveting turn of events, one of Russia’s prized military planes, the £260 million Beriev A-50, has reportedly been shot down near Ukraine. According to Ukrainian military media agencies, the Soviet-era command and reconnaissance aircraft was lost over the Sea of Azov, south of the frontline.

The Beriev A-50, a strategic asset in Russia’s military arsenal, employs high-range radar for battlefield surveillance, detecting missiles, and issuing orders to Russian fighter jets. With only eight operational A-50s believed to be left in Russia’s fleet, the downing of this aircraft is a significant blow. While it remains unclear if any senior officers survived the incident, the tactical importance of the plane suggests their potential presence on board.

Reports from RBC-Ukraine indicate that the A-50 was shot down by the Ukrainian military during a patrol near Kyrylivka around 9:10 pm on Sunday. There are conflicting reports suggesting the possibility of friendly fire as the cause of the downing. Intercepted communications allegedly include a Russian pilot witnessing the plane catching fire and plummeting.

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In a cryptic message on Telegram, Ukrainian Air Force Commander General Mykola Oleshchuk wrote, ‘This is for Dnipro! Burn in hell, you inhumans! PS No details yet,’ shortly after the incident.

On the same evening, another critical Russian command plane, the Ilyushin Il-22 airborne command post, was reportedly hit by Ukrainian missiles, compelling it to return to base. The Il-22 likely carried at least one senior commander among its crew, and intercepted audio from Russian air traffic control indicated casualties on board. The plane was heard mentioning being hit and urgently needing an ambulance and fire engine while landing in Anapa.

Sources from a pro-Putin Telegram channel with alleged links to Russia’s intelligence services provided insights, suggesting that the Il-22 was hit by Russian air defence defending the Crimean Bridge. The pilot managed to land the plane, but at least two people were reported injured in the incident.

These dramatic developments underscore the intensifying conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with both sides engaging in strategic manoeuvres and facing significant losses in the ongoing military confrontation.


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