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Travel nightmare: Couple’s shock as ‘best seats’ on plane turn into public spectacle

Celebrity duo's seat selection goes awry, exposing awkward airline dilemma

High altitude heist: Plane diverts due to unpleasant in-flight ‘wind’ altercation

Passenger ejected after airborne altercation over unwelcome aromas

Putin’s £260 million spy plane takes a dive in dramatic aerial showdown!

In a riveting turn of events, one of Russia's prized military planes, the £260 million Beriev A-50, has reportedly been shot down near Ukraine.

Internet abuzz over ‘Matrix Glitch’ as plane appears to halt mid-air, leaving spectators in awe

Social media users stumped by unusual phenomenon captured in viral video

Actor Christian Oliver’s tragic death in plane crash alongside daughters: Eerie final post shared on Instagram

Speed Racer actor Christian Oliver and daughters pass away in plane crash: Optimistic new year post preceded tragic incident

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