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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Prince Louis charms with adorable request during visit to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’



During a family visit to the set, the young royal expressed his wish for a crown, mirroring his sister’s gift

In a heartwarming family outing last December, Prince Louis, accompanied by his mother, Kate Middleton, and sister, Princess Charlotte, visited the set of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. During their behind-the-scenes tour, the young Prince made a sweet and memorable request that charmed everyone present.

The visit, led by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ head judge Shirley Ballas, gave the royal siblings a glimpse into the glitzy world of live television. Shirley Ballas shared details of the visit, recalling how the royal children were fascinated by the set’s sparkling details. “They are beautiful,” Ballas said, reflecting on the royal visit. “When they visited, we had these crowns on set, so I thought it would be a nice idea to give the little girl a crown and I got him a nice box of sweets.”

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However, the distribution of gifts didn’t go quite as planned. Prince Louis, upon seeing his sister’s crown, expressed his desire for one as well. “He went, ‘I want one of those,'” Ballas recounted, leading the team to scramble for an additional crown to satisfy the young Prince’s request. The gesture highlighted not only Louis’ innocent charm but also the thoughtful response from the show’s staff, who quickly ensured both children were delighted with their visit.

The family’s outing was part of a broader engagement with the arts, with both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge known to be supporters of various cultural initiatives. This visit also underscored their efforts to provide their children with experiences that broaden their horizons and understanding of different professions and hobbies.

Shirley Ballas, who has previously received accolades from the royal family for her work and even her literary efforts, shared that Queen Camilla is a fan of ‘Strictly’. This royal seal of approval for the show adds another layer of connection between the royal family and the popular dance series.

The visit left a lasting impression on all involved, with Ballas noting, “They had an absolute ball.” It was a moment that blended royal tradition with contemporary culture, showcasing the lighter, personal side of royal public engagements


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