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Prince Harry to skip Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding to avoid Prince William, celebrates with Meghan in LA



King and Princess of Wales not expected at the event as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opt to stay in Los Angeles

Prince Harry will not attend the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, to avoid a confrontation with his brother, Prince William. Hugh Grosvenor, 33, is set to marry Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral on June 7, with a guest list of 400 people. Prince William, who will serve as an usher, is one of the many high-profile guests at the event.

Hugh Grosvenor, one of Britain’s youngest billionaires, is a godfather to Harry’s first-born son, Archie. Despite this close connection, recent reports indicate that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will skip the ceremony to avoid royal tensions overshadowing the day. The King, who is Grosvenor’s godfather, and the Princess of Wales are also not expected to attend the wedding as they are undergoing cancer treatments.

Instead of attending the wedding, the Sussexes celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in Los Angeles. The couple recently returned from Nigeria, where they promoted the Invictus Games. For their anniversary, they exchanged traditional iron gifts and dined at a luxury steakhouse in Montecito. At the steakhouse, a bottle of wine can cost up to $1,402.

Additionally, Harry’s memoir “Spare” reveals his brother’s blunt response to Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announcement. The couple shared the news during Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018. Harry writes that William’s response was as expected: “we must tell Kate.”

Harry and Meghan were also seen celebrating their anniversary at Lucky’s, an upscale restaurant in Montecito. They were joined by friends Brian and Tracy Robbins, according to Tatler magazine. This celebration marked their first anniversary since returning from their trip to Africa.

Meanwhile, the Queen admitted to watching the Netflix series “Bridgerton” during a tour of a garden inspired by the show at the Chelsea Flower Show. The King and Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, visited the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show on a sunny Monday afternoon.

Kate Middleton, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, has hinted at a return to her royal duties. She shared a video on Twitter (X) about the mental health challenges faced by British farmers. The video features Sam Stables from We Are Farming Minds and Farmer Will, discussing mental health in the farming community and the Duchy of Cornwall’s Mental Health Strategy. The full film is available on YouTube.


The decision by Prince Harry to skip Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding underscores the ongoing tension within the royal family. The Duke of Sussex’s move to avoid Prince William highlights the strained relationship between the brothers, which has been a focal point since Harry and Meghan stepped back from their royal duties. This tension reflects broader issues within the royal family, including the challenges of maintaining traditional roles while addressing modern personal conflicts.

From a political perspective, this situation demonstrates the complexities of royal protocol and family dynamics. The absence of key royals like King Charles and the Princess of Wales due to health reasons also raises questions about the future of the monarchy. As senior members undergo treatment, the responsibilities and public appearances of other royals will become increasingly significant.

Sociologically, the Sussexes’ choice to celebrate their anniversary in Los Angeles instead of attending the wedding signifies their shift away from traditional royal duties towards a more independent lifestyle. This move reflects broader societal changes where personal happiness and mental health are prioritized over traditional obligations. The Sussexes’ public appearances and projects, such as promoting the Invictus Games and addressing mental health issues, align with contemporary values of service and advocacy.

Economically, the cost of the Sussexes’ celebration at a high-end restaurant highlights the couple’s financial independence and lifestyle choices. Their ability to fund such a lavish celebration contrasts with the traditional image of royals relying on public funding. This economic independence allows them to pursue projects and causes that align with their personal values and interests.

Locally, the Grosvenor wedding will be a significant event in Chester, drawing attention and likely boosting local businesses. However, the absence of notable royals may affect the level of public interest and media coverage. The local community may view the wedding as a prestigious event, but the broader public may focus more on the notable absences and underlying family dynamics.

Gender perspectives are also relevant here, as Meghan Markle’s experiences within the royal family and her subsequent decisions have sparked discussions about gender roles and expectations. Her choice to support her husband while stepping back from royal duties challenges traditional gender roles within the monarchy. This situation has also highlighted issues of race and marginalization, as Meghan’s background and experiences have brought attention to the challenges faced by biracial individuals within historically white institutions.

In conclusion, Prince Harry’s decision to skip Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding to avoid Prince William reflects ongoing family tensions and highlights broader societal changes. The Sussexes’ actions continue to challenge traditional royal expectations and underscore the importance of personal well-being and advocacy in modern society.


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