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Plastic peril: Bottled water found to contain 240,000 tiny toxic particles



Scientists uncover shocking levels of Nanoplastics in popular brands

In a startling revelation, scientists from Columbia and Rutgers universities exposed the extent of potential toxicity hidden within bottled water. Studying three common brands, the researchers found an average of 240,000 nanoplastics per liter, significantly higher than the number of microplastics. Nanoplastics, measuring less than one micron, were identified using advanced microscopy techniques.

The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, examined five samples each from three water brands, emphasizing nanoplastic prevalence. The researchers suspect much of the plastic originates from the bottle itself and the reverse osmosis membrane filter used to eliminate contaminants.

While the impact of nanoplastics on human health is still under scrutiny, the smaller size of these particles raises concerns about their potential to enter the human body. Although the body naturally eliminates most microplastics, extremely small particles may linger.

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Phoebe Stapleton, a toxicologist at Rutgers and co-author of the study, highlighted ongoing research to determine the potential harm of nanoplastics. The study revealed that nanoplastics are believed to be more toxic due to their smaller size.

In response to the findings, The International Bottled Water Association emphasized the lack of standardized measuring methods and scientific consensus on the health impacts of nano- and microplastics. The association cautioned against unnecessary consumer alarm.

As the debate on the dangers of plastics continues, the study authors themselves expressed intentions to reduce their consumption of bottled water. The discovery underscores the need for further research into the potential health risks associated with nanoplastics in everyday products.


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