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Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

Chilling final moments before horrific floreat murders revealed



Mark Bombara’s daughter was on the phone with him during the tragic incident

Chilling new details have emerged about the final moments of a Perth gunman who fatally shot a mother and daughter at their Floreat home on Friday. Mark Bombara, 63, murdered Jennifer and Gretl Petelczyc before turning the gun on himself. His daughter was talking to him just seconds before he carried out the attack, according to The West Australian.

Bombara arrived at the women’s Berkley Crescent home on Friday afternoon, seeking his ex-wife, who was friends with the family and staying at their home following her breakup. His daughter, who was on the phone with him during the attack, reportedly heard someone say, “Put the gun down” before several gunshots rang out.

Jennifer and Gretl Petelczyc were gunned down in their own home in Perth. The call with her father was disconnected before Bombara’s daughter phoned the police, telling them what she had heard. The rapid arrival of police at the scene meant they were there in time to hear the final gunshot, believed to be the one that Bombara used on himself.

WA Premier Roger Cook described the murder as a “chilling and horrific” attack and urged the community to reflect on the deaths, which he said were part of a “society-wide issue” of gendered violence. Cook emphasized the need to address the underlying causes of such violence and the importance of community awareness and action.

On Monday, WA Police confirmed that Bombara owned 11 guns under a recreational shooter’s permit and two pistols under a collector’s license, one of which was used to kill Jennifer and Gretl. The revelation of Bombara’s extensive gun ownership has intensified discussions about gun control and the effectiveness of current regulations.

The WA government is in the process of toughening its gun laws, with a $64 million buyback scheme underway and legislative changes mooted to restrict the number of firearms people can own. The government’s efforts aim to reduce the availability of firearms and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The tragic event has shocked the Western Australian community, highlighting the urgent need for stronger measures to prevent gun violence. Advocacy groups have called for comprehensive reforms to address the root causes of domestic violence and improve support systems for those at risk.

As the investigation continues, authorities are examining the circumstances leading up to the attack, including Bombara’s motives and the events that transpired before the shootings. The community has been urged to come together in support of the victims’ families and to promote awareness of domestic violence prevention.


The Floreat murders underscore several critical issues related to gun control, domestic violence, and mental health. From a political perspective, the incident highlights the ongoing debate over gun ownership and regulation in Australia. The WA government’s efforts to tighten gun laws reflect a growing concern over the accessibility of firearms and the need for stricter controls to prevent such tragedies.

Sociologically, the murders point to the broader issue of gendered violence and its impact on communities. Premier Roger Cook’s comments on the attack being part of a “society-wide issue” emphasize the need for comprehensive strategies to address domestic violence, including education, support services, and legal measures. The fact that Bombara’s ex-wife was staying with the Petelczyc family due to a breakup further illustrates the vulnerabilities faced by women in abusive relationships.

Economically, the $64 million gun buyback scheme represents a significant investment by the WA government to reduce the number of firearms in circulation. This initiative aims to enhance public safety and prevent future incidents of gun violence. However, the effectiveness of such programs depends on their implementation and the cooperation of the community.

From a psychological perspective, Bombara’s actions and the involvement of his daughter during the attack highlight the complex interplay between mental health issues and violent behaviour. The trauma experienced by Bombara’s daughter, who was on the phone with him during the murders, underscores the need for mental health support for families affected by violence.

Gender and minority perspectives are crucial in understanding the implications of this tragedy. The incident reflects the disproportionate impact of domestic violence on women and the need for targeted interventions to protect vulnerable individuals. Advocacy groups have called for increased funding for support services, such as shelters and counselling, to assist those at risk of domestic violence.

In conclusion, the Floreat murders serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address gun control, domestic violence, and mental health. The WA government’s efforts to strengthen gun laws and the broader community’s role in supporting victims of violence are essential steps toward preventing similar tragedies in the future.


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