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Olympic star Melissa Dennis Allegedly killed by Cyclist Husband – Shocking Details Emerge



Former world champion Rohan Dennis charged over fatal road incident involving wife Melissa

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 In a harrowing incident that has sent shockwaves through the cycling community, former World Champion cyclist Rohan Dennis faces serious charges after the tragic death of his wife, Olympian Melissa Dennis. Shocking details have emerged surrounding the alleged incident, shedding light on the circumstances leading to Melissa’s untimely demise.

Police reports suggest that the incident occurred on a quiet street in the affluent suburb of Medindie, Adelaide, where Melissa, 32, was reportedly struck by a dark grey Volkswagen Amarok V6 pick-up truck allegedly driven by her husband. It is alleged that Melissa may have jumped onto the car bonnet, grabbed at a door handle, and was subsequently dragged along the road for some distance before falling.

Local reports indicate that two teenage neighbors attempted to administer first aid before paramedics arrived, but Melissa succumbed to her catastrophic injuries at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Rohan Dennis, 33, has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, driving without due care, and endangering life.

Police investigations are ongoing, with officers inspecting the scene and checking under the parked car for evidence. Dennis has been granted bail and is scheduled to appear at Adelaide Magistrates Court in March.

The couple, renowned in the cycling world, had tied the knot in 2018 and shared two children. In a devastating twist, a final Christmas picture posted by Dennis just days before the incident shows the family beaming in front of a Christmas tree. The heart-wrenching post has been flooded with condolences from friends, family, and the public.

The cycling community mourns the loss of Melissa Dennis, a retired professional cyclist and Olympian, who had kept a more private presence on social media.


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