Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Olivia Attwood makes first public appearance post-eye surgery in a striking outing



Loose Women Star Olivia Attwood Steps Out After Eye Surgery

Olivia Attwood, renowned for her presence on Love Island and Loose Women, made her first public appearance following a recent and somewhat intense eye surgery.

Scheduled to grace the Loose Women Christmas bash on December 21st, the former Love Islander had to forgo the festivity due to an eye-related setback.

A snapshot posted on Olivia’s Instagram Story on Thursday showcased her sporting a bandage over her left eye. However, she later unveiled her uncovered eye in a subsequent update.

Olivia, in a recent Instagram Story, candidly detailed the cause behind her emergency surgery, addressing her followers in a video clip. “So the patch is off and everything’s fine. Thank you for all your messages, I know I look very dramatic – essentially I had a little cyst on the inside of my eyelid,” she revealed.

The procedure involved an eye-turning maneuver: “The doctor had to flip my eyelid inside out and cut it off.”

Despite the ordeal, the television personality is in good health and was spotted out and about, captured in Cheshire during what seemed to be some last-minute Christmas shopping, as seen in The Daily Mail.

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Olivia, no stranger to surgical interventions, revealed on a previous episode of Loose Women that she underwent breast implant surgery at the age of 20. Reflecting on that decision, she admitted, “I wanted big implants as that was the fashion,” acknowledging the influence of cultural trends, much like the impact of celebrities such as the Kardashians.

Expressing her concerns, Olivia highlighted the risks associated with altering oneself for fashion’s sake. She shared the repercussions of her early breast enhancement, mentioning that she had to undergo a subsequent surgery seven years later due to fitting issues and discomfort. Describing the experience as both painful and financially burdensome, she stressed the challenges she faced.


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