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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Officer’s $10,000 offer to keep beloved partner rejected amidst public outcry



The unbreakable bond challenged – shaker heights police department faces backlash over K-9 handling

In a heart-wrenching saga, Officer Chad Hagan’s departure from the Shaker Heights Police Department has stirred controversy and public outcry after his offer of $10,000 to retire his K-9 partner, Igor, was rejected. The situation has escalated into accusations of spite and vindictiveness, prompting a wave of support for Officer Hagan and his loyal companion.

The Bond that Defies Boundaries

Officer Chad Hagan and K-9 Igor shared an unbreakable bond forged over five and a half years of service together. The German Shepherd not only served as a valuable asset to the police force but had become an integral part of Officer Hagan’s family, residing with them and accompanying them through life’s milestones.

A Farewell Request Met with Resistance

Upon expressing his intention to resign for a job closer to home, Officer Hagan faced a demand from Chief Wayne Hudson to relinquish Igor to a local kennel while the department deliberated on the dog’s future. In an attempt to secure a dignified retirement for Igor, Officer Hagan offered $10,000 of his own funds, a proposal met with rejection.

The $10,000 Offer: A Symbolic Gesture

Under Ohio Revised Code 9.62, K-9 handlers are typically required to pay $1.00 for their partners at retirement. Recognizing Igor’s proximity to retirement, Officer Hagan extended a generous $10,000 offer, intending not only to secure Igor’s future but also to fund the acquisition of a new K-9 for the city. However, Chief Hudson dismissed the offer, deeming K-9 Igor a mere tool without a monetary value.

Public Outcry and an Online Petition

Outraged by the decision, a family friend initiated an online petition garnering over 14,000 signatures. The petition contends that the rejection of Officer Hagan’s offer was an “act of spite,” emphasizing the extraordinary bond between officer and K-9.

City of Shaker Heights Responds

In response to the escalating controversy, the City of Shaker Heights released a statement defending Chief Hudson’s decision. The statement emphasized Igor’s continued fitness for duty, citing the city’s laws that prohibit the sale of police dogs by the administration. The city refuted accusations of vindictiveness, asserting Chief Hudson’s adherence to the law in safeguarding the city’s investment in Igor.

The Unfolding Drama

As the situation unfolds, Officer Hagan and his family grapple with the separation from their beloved K-9 companion. The story has struck a chord with the public, sparking a broader conversation about the emotional bonds between police officers and their loyal canine partners, transcending the professional realm into the deeply personal.


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