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Nightmare unleashed: Mickey Mouse horror trailer terrifies Disney fans



Iconic mouse takes a dark turn in upcoming horror film

Social media is buzzing with fear as the trailer for the purported “first ever Mickey Mouse horror film” has been released, leaving Disney fans shaken and questioning their childhood memories. Seizing the opportunity presented by the public domain status of the 1928 versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a group of filmmakers has crafted a horror movie that promises to alter perceptions of the beloved childhood character forever.

Titled “Mickey’s Mouse Trap,” the movie follows the chilling story of Alex’s 21st birthday celebration at an amusement arcade, taking a sinister turn when a masked killer, dressed as Mickey Mouse, unleashes terror on the unsuspecting friends. The trailer features a haunting mix of Steamboat Willie footage and a person in a twisted Mickey Mouse mask lurking menacingly.

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Despite the disclaimer affirming that the film is not affiliated with or endorsed by Disney, fans are expressing their dismay and terror on social media. Many took to Twitter to share their reactions, with one user declaring, “Children will be traumatized,” while another exclaimed, “Can we actually do something original with childhood icons that have entered the public domain that isn’t horror FOR FIVE MINUTES.”

The film, directed by Jamie Bailey and featuring a cast including Sophie McIntosh, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, and Simon Phillips, does not yet have a release date. As the iconic mouse takes an unexpected dark turn, the upcoming horror movie is poised to challenge the innocence associated with Disney’s beloved characters.


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