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Nicolas Cage drops bombshell: Only three or four films left before curtain call



Iconic actor plans exit from big screen but hints at a future in television

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Nicolas Cage, renowned for his diverse roles across 119 films, has delivered a surprising revelation, stating he has ‘three or four’ more movies left in him. The actor, celebrated for classics like Con Air, Face/Off, and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, shared his thoughts in an interview with UPROXX.

Cage expressed his desire to avoid being pigeonholed into a specific genre or performance style, emphasizing his intention to explore various facets of acting. After a prolific 45-year career and over 100 movies, he conveyed a sense of fulfillment with his cinematic journey, stating, “I feel I’ve pretty much said what I’ve had to say with cinema.”

However, fans need not despair entirely, as Cage clarified that while he plans to step back from the big screen, retirement from acting is not on the horizon. He envisions leaving on a high note and exploring alternative ways to express his craft. Cage disclosed, “I’d like to leave on a high note and say, ‘Adios’. I think I have to do maybe three or four more movies before I can get there, and then hopefully switch formats and go into some other way of expressing my acting.”

With the burgeoning landscape of streaming platforms offering diverse opportunities, Cage sees television as a potential avenue for his future endeavors. Acknowledging the unique dynamics of TV, he highlighted the possibilities for a more deliberate and intricate portrayal of characters. Cage reminisced about Bryan Cranston’s nuanced performance in Breaking Bad, suggesting that television might be the next logical step for him.

As he contemplates the transition, Cage acknowledged existing contracts but emphasized a stringent selection process moving forward. For fans eagerly anticipating his next move, Nicolas Cage’s evolution from the big screen to television promises a new chapter in the actor’s illustrious career.


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