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NHS to offer new “life-changing” sickle cell disease treatment in England



Voxelotor, a promising new drug for sickle cell disease, will be made available to patients in England to reduce hospital visits and improve life quality

In a significant development, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended the use of Voxelotor for treating sickle cell disease in patients aged 12 and older within the NHS in England. This decision marks a crucial advancement in the management of a disease that predominantly affects individuals with African or Caribbean heritage.

Voxelotor, which is administered as a daily oral tablet, has demonstrated substantial benefits in improving the lives of those with sickle cell disease by reducing the frequency of blood transfusions and, consequently, hospital visits. This improvement is particularly vital considering the debilitating nature of the disease, which causes severe pain episodes due to abnormally shaped blood cells obstructing blood flow.

Approximately 17,000 individuals in England live with sickle cell disease, and about 4,000 of these patients are now eligible for the new treatment. The approval of Voxelotor is seen as a beacon of hope for many, promising enhanced quality of life and fewer medical complications.

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The approval has been met with widespread acclaim from health advocates and organizations dedicated to addressing sickle cell disease. Charles Kwaku-Odoi, Chief Executive of the Caribbean and African Health Network, expressed immense gratitude, noting the drug’s potential to substantially improve patient outcomes and address long-standing health disparities faced by the Black community.

John James, Chief Executive of the Sickle Cell Society, echoed these sentiments, celebrating the approval as a transformative development for those affected. He highlighted the broader impact of this advancement, pointing to the potential for greatly extended life expectancies and reduced suffering for patients.

Helen Knight, Director of Medicines Evaluation at Nice, reinforced the positive impact of Voxelotor, emphasizing its alignment with Nice’s goals of enhancing treatment efficacy and addressing health inequalities within the community. This sentiment was further supported by Prof Bola Owolabi, Director of the National Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Programme at NHS England, who stressed the importance of continued efforts to introduce effective treatments into the NHS, aiming to improve care quality and reduce healthcare disparities.

As Voxelotor becomes available on the NHS, it represents a critical step forward in the fight against sickle cell disease and the broader challenge of healthcare inequality in England. The healthcare community remains hopeful that this new treatment will lead to significant improvements in the lives of those affected by this challenging condition.


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