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Netflix’s “Hit Man” debuts to stellar reviews with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes



Richard Linklater’s new comedy starring Glen Powell wows critics and audiences alike

When I first glanced at the poster for Netflix’s new movie, “Hit Man,” it seemed like a typical digital store offering, likely overlooked among a sea of other films. However, the tide turned as reviews began to pour in. Currently, “Hit Man” boasts a near-perfect 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 175 critic reviews—a remarkable feat for any film, particularly a comedy. The movie also enjoys a strong audience score of 95%, suggesting widespread viewer acclaim.

The magic ingredient behind this success? Renowned director Richard Linklater. Known for classics like “School of Rock,” “Boyhood,” “Before Sunrise/Sunset,” and the iconic “Dazed and Confused,” Linklater’s latest project has quickly become a must-watch. “Hit Man” is on track to dominate Netflix’s viewership, thanks to these outstanding reviews.

“Hit Man” stars Glen Powell, a rising Hollywood star fresh off his success in “Top Gun: Maverick” and the romcom “Anyone But You” with Sydney Sweeney. Powell plays a professor who poses as a hitman for the police department. The plot thickens when a woman, portrayed by Adria Arjona of “Andor” fame, enters his life seeking his “services,” leading to dangerous and comedic twists.

Powell is currently one of the hottest talents in Hollywood, with upcoming projects like “Twisters” and a remake of “Running Man.” Meanwhile, Arjona’s star continues to rise as she gears up to lead Amazon’s “Criminal” series. Her performance in “Andor” hinted at her potential, which she fully realizes in “Hit Man.”

It’s rare for a comedy to receive such high praise from critics these days, but Linklater’s direction ensures “Hit Man” stands out. Given its impressive debut, there’s little doubt it will quickly climb to the top of Netflix’s charts and stay there for some time. While it’s unclear if a sequel is in the works—considering Linklater’s history of avoiding sequels—fans are eagerly anticipating what comes next.


Political Impact

“Hit Man” might not overtly delve into political themes, but its underlying narrative of law enforcement using unconventional methods to catch criminals can spark discussions about policing tactics. The film could influence debates on ethical boundaries and the role of deception in law enforcement, adding a layer of political intrigue to its comedic plot.

Social Reflection

The film’s success highlights society’s continued appetite for clever, well-crafted comedies. In an era where action and drama often dominate the box office, “Hit Man” reflects a cultural desire for humor that is both intelligent and engaging. It underscores the potential for comedy to resonate deeply with audiences, offering relief and connection through shared laughter.

Psychological Aspect

“Hit Man” provides a psychological exploration of identity and morality. Glen Powell’s character navigates the complexities of posing as a hitman, blurring the lines between his true self and his deceptive persona. This duality invites viewers to reflect on the psychological impacts of living a double life and the ethical dilemmas that come with it.

Sociological Angle

Sociologically, “Hit Man” taps into themes of trust, deception, and human connection. The film’s premise—centered around a professor moonlighting as a faux hitman—creates a dynamic where characters must constantly evaluate who they can trust. This mirrors real-world social interactions, where trust and authenticity are crucial yet often fraught with complications.

Fashion Culture

While “Hit Man” is primarily a comedy, its characters’ styles, particularly those of Glen Powell and Adria Arjona, could influence fashion trends. Powell’s professor-turned-hit-man attire and Arjona’s distinct look in the film might inspire fans to emulate their styles, blending professional and edgy aesthetics in everyday fashion.


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