Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Near-death scare: Mum-of-three’s ‘skinny jab’ online purchase sparks organ failure drama!



Lynsay McAvoy, a mother-of-three from Edinburgh, took a perilous plunge into self-injecting a ‘skinny jab’ she purchased online in hopes of slimming down, despite already weighing a modest 8st (51kg). Her attempt to shed a few pounds from her stomach backfired tragically, triggering a severe allergic reaction that nearly cost her life.

Initially, the injections seemed to work as she shed around 7lbs (3kg) in a short span, encouraging her to order another batch. However, this decision led to a terrifying turn when the 42-year-old beautician suffered an extreme allergic response. Her tongue swelled, her eyes burned, and she lost consciousness, prompting a rushed hospital admission.

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Doctors diagnosed her severe allergic reaction to the injections, warning of potential organ failure from such substances. McAvoy, feeling ‘ashamed,’ cautioned against the deceptive allure of these ‘quick fixes,’ emphasising their inherent danger.

While the precise content of the ‘skinny jab’ remains unclear, McAvoy’s experience sheds light on the risks associated with these online medications. She narrates her harrowing ordeal, from initial weight loss to the frightening moment of anaphylactic shock that resulted in a concussion and dislocated jaw.

Expressing her fear and shame at the reckless choice she made, McAvoy emphasises the lack of knowledge regarding the injection’s composition and urges others to steer clear of these perilous shortcuts. Despite the allure of rapid weight loss, she vehemently warns against these injections, originally designed for diabetes treatment but misused for weight loss, stressing their inherent danger and lack of positive outcomes.


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