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Mom discovers startling affair using tracking app on son’s phone



A mother’s attempt to ensure her son’s safety led to a shocking revelation when she used the Life 360 tracking app to monitor his whereabouts. Uncovering a secret liaison, she stumbled upon her son engaging in a sexual encounter with his teacher, sending shockwaves through their community.

This controversial app, known for its real-time location tracking, was installed on the 18-year-old son’s phone by his concerned mother. Utilizing the app’s features, she followed his reported location and was confronted with a disturbing sight: her son involved in intimate activity with his 26-year-old teacher, Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld, inside a vehicle.

Reacting swiftly, the mother captured photos of the car’s license plate and alerted law enforcement, resulting in Cartaya-Neufeld’s arrest on five counts of felony sexual activity between a student and a teacher.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki: https://www.pexels.com/photo/unrecognizable-hacker-with-smartphone-typing-on-laptop-at-desk-5935791/

The incident, a violation of state law, prompted legal action against the teacher, who was subsequently detained at Mecklenburg County jail before being released on bond. The court imposed an electronic tag on her following concerns that the student might attempt to flee, potentially with Cartaya-Neufeld.

Reports indicate that suspicions arose in the mother’s mind during Thanksgiving, further fueled by her son’s absence from a sports practice, which she monitored via the app. Upon tracking his location to a park, she witnessed the illicit rendezvous.

Rumors circulating within the school community had previously hinted at the relationship between the pair, leading to inquiries by school authorities. The school released a statement emphasizing the gravity of the situation and its commitment to ensuring student and staff safety.

While Life360 has gained popularity among parents as a safety tool, critics have raised concerns about its potential misuse, highlighting instances where it could be employed in abusive or intrusive scenarios.

Responding to criticisms, a Life360 spokesperson underscored the app’s contribution to safety, citing instances of assistance in emergencies and law enforcement collaboration. Despite isolated misuse, the app remains dedicated to its mission of family safety and support for law enforcement in addressing illegal use.


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