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Miraculous survival: Man rescued after 24 hours adrift in shark-infested waters



Angler’s extraordinary tale of survival off New Zealand’s Coast

In a tale of resilience and providence, Will Fransen, a 61-year-old angler, defied the odds and survived nearly 24 hours adrift in the shark-infested waters off New Zealand’s northern island.

Fransen, on a solo fishing trip, fell overboard from his 40-foot boat after hooking a marlin. Despite attempts to swim back to his vessel, he found himself separated, floating in the open ocean. Battling currents and even encountering a curious shark, Fransen treaded water, contemplating his fate.

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After enduring the night in the cold sea, his survival became a series of fortunate events. Three fishermen, Max White, James McDonnell, and Tyler Taffs, spotted the reflection on Fransen’s watch, a beacon of hope in the vastness of the ocean. Describing the rescue as a miraculous outcome, James McDonnell recounted the urgency and relief of spotting the stranded angler.

Fransen, exhausted and showing signs of hypothermia, was pulled on board, given water and cranberry juice, and transported back to land. Emergency services in the town of Whangamatā treated him for exhaustion and hypothermia.

The New Zealand Police, acknowledging the absolute miracle of Fransen’s survival, praised the swift and decisive actions of the three fishermen, emphasizing that without their intervention, the outcome could have been tragic. Fransen expressed his gratitude to the emergency services.

As authorities continue the search for Fransen’s boat at sea, this extraordinary tale stands as a testament to human endurance and the unpredictable twists of fate.


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