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Michelle Heaton’s New Year’s Resolutions: The struggle with sobriety and relapse revealed



As the dawn of another New Year broke, Michelle Heaton found herself in a familiar, disheartening place. Shaking and filled with dread, she knew she’d need alcohol to function after a night of excessive drinking on New Year’s Eve, a cycle she struggled to break.

Despite a loving family – husband Hugh Hanley and two beautiful children, Faith and AJ – Michelle battled alcoholism in silence. Her rock-bottom moment arrived on New Year’s Day 2021, a pivotal moment when she vowed to change her life for good.

Nearly three years sober now, Michelle recalls the struggle, admitting, “I’d pledge sobriety for January, but by noon on the 1st, I’d relapse. It was an endless cycle. When you’re in the grip of addiction, clarity is elusive.”

In April 2021, after years of grappling with alcohol’s hold, Michelle sought help, checking into the Priory Clinic for alcohol addiction. Every New Year since has been a testament to her progress, a reminder of the distance she’s covered.

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Michelle proudly states, “This will mark my third New Year sober. The first was tough, fighting cravings, but I persevered. Now, this is my life. I have to keep moving forward to avoid going back to where I started.”

Encouraging those contemplating sobriety, Michelle emphasizes the immeasurable benefits. She speaks from experience: “It’s a life-altering decision. Research supports it—energy levels soar, happiness thrives, and focus sharpens.”

Her journey to sobriety was fraught with physical turmoil. She was days from death, her organs teetering on the brink of collapse. Her pancreas and liver suffered immensely, her body starved of nutrients due to alcohol’s dominance.

The turning point came with rehab at the Priory, opening doors to new opportunities like appearing on ‘Dancing On Ice’ and ‘Celebrity SAS.’ But these triumphs followed moments of despair – hospitalizations, blackouts, and a collapsing career.

Reflecting on the toll on her family, Michelle acknowledges her husband’s unwavering support, admitting moments when he considered asking her to leave. She advocates for seeking help early, stressing, “You don’t need to hit rock bottom before seeking help.”

Now an ambassador for Rehubs, Michelle champions an online rehab program, making recovery accessible to those unable to attend traditional rehab due to various constraints.

As she rings in the New Year, Michelle celebrates her journey to health and happiness, a quiet night in with loved ones, reaffirming her commitment to sobriety with an AA meeting. Her story stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative impact of seeking help.


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