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Meghan Markle’s steep climb in Hollywood amidst cultural and industry challenges



Transitioning from royal duties to the cutthroat world of Hollywood, Meghan faces significant cultural adjustments and potential industry backlash

Meghan Markle, once a royal and now a resident of the United States, finds herself navigating the perilous waters of Hollywood, where success often comes at the cost of intense personal and professional struggles. According to industry experts, Meghan’s journey to the top of Hollywood might necessitate some tough decisions and potential conflicts, reflective of the stark differences between British civility and the American entertainment industry’s blunt dynamics.

Former BBC royal reporter Michael Cole recently shed light on these cultural disparities and the potential hurdles Meghan might face. Speaking on GB News, Cole emphasized the lack of civility and politeness in American professional settings compared to British norms. This cultural shift is emblematic of the broader challenges that Meghan might encounter as she strives to carve out a new identity in an industry known for its ruthlessness.

Cole pointed out a particular linguistic example to illustrate these differences: the casual American request “Can I get a cheeseburger?” versus the more polite British “May I have a cheeseburger, please?” This seemingly trivial contrast in language underscores a deeper cultural divide that Meghan must navigate as she transitions from the structured decorum of royal engagements to the more direct and often abrasive world of Hollywood networking and negotiation.

The journey to the top in Hollywood is notoriously challenging, filled with intense competition and the need to sometimes make controversial decisions that can affect personal relationships. “When you have to struggle to the top in Hollywood, you can bet your life you’ve had to tread on a few fingers on the way there,” Cole remarked, hinting at the cutthroat tactics often employed by those climbing the industry ladder.

Meghan’s previous experiences as a working royal, where she faced intense scrutiny and criticism, might simultaneously serve as both a shield and a burden. Her high profile can open doors, but the expectations and biases that come with her royal past might also paint a target on her back, making her every move subject to intense scrutiny and potentially unfair criticism.

Moreover, Meghan’s efforts to establish herself in Hollywood come at a time when she is also trying to manage multiple high-profile projects, including her involvement with Netflix and the delayed relaunch of her podcast “Archetypes.” These endeavors place her in the limelight in various capacities, each with its own set of challenges and public expectations.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle’s transition into Hollywood is more than a career change; it is a complex navigation of cultural shifts, industry challenges, and public perceptions. As she continues to define her path away from the royal spotlight, her success will likely depend as much on her adaptability and resilience as on her talent and the strategic choices she makes in her roles and collaborations.


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