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Chelsea suffers setback as McKenna prefers Manchester United amid managerial interest



Kieran McKenna, the Ipswich town boss, appears to favour a move to Manchester United over Chelsea despite interest from both premier league clubs

In a blow to Chelsea’s managerial aspirations, Kieran McKenna, the current Ipswich Town boss, seems to have identified Manchester United as his preferred destination amid ongoing interest from multiple Premier League clubs.

McKenna’s managerial journey has been noteworthy, having honed his skills while coaching the U18 sides at both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. Following his stint as an assistant coach for the Red Devils’ first team, McKenna ventured into head coaching by joining Ipswich Town in 2021.

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Under McKenna’s guidance, Ipswich Town underwent a remarkable transformation, achieving back-to-back promotions to the Premier League. His success has attracted attention from several top-flight clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester United, and Brighton.

Initially, Brighton expressed interest in McKenna following Roberto De Zerbi’s departure. However, both Chelsea and Manchester United have entered the fray, with Chelsea seeking a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino and Manchester United potentially parting ways with Erik ten Hag after the FA Cup final.

Despite Chelsea’s pursuit, McKenna appears inclined towards Manchester United. Reports suggest that he intends to await Manchester United’s decision before finalizing his next move. This development comes as United reportedly reached out to preferred managerial candidates ahead of Saturday’s cup final.

While Chelsea remains keen on McKenna, the Ipswich Town boss seems to prioritize a return to Old Trafford. United’s insistence that no decision has been made regarding Ten Hag’s future adds to the uncertainty surrounding the managerial landscape.

In the midst of managerial upheaval, McKenna’s preference for Manchester United over Chelsea represents a significant setback for the London club’s managerial plans.


Managerial Preference:

Kieran McKenna’s reported preference for Manchester United underscores the allure and prestige associated with the club. Despite interest from Chelsea and other clubs, McKenna appears drawn to the prospect of returning to Old Trafford.

Impact on Chelsea:

Chelsea’s pursuit of McKenna reflects their desire for a managerial overhaul following Mauricio Pochettino’s departure. However, McKenna’s potential snub presents a setback, necessitating a reassessment of their managerial options.

Manchester United’s Appeal:

Manchester United’s enduring appeal as a managerial destination is reaffirmed by McKenna’s inclination towards the club. The club’s history, stature, and potential managerial vacancy make it an attractive proposition for managerial candidates.

Uncertainty Surrounding Ten Hag:

Erik ten Hag’s uncertain future at Manchester United adds a layer of complexity to the managerial landscape. McKenna’s decision to wait on United’s decision highlights the ongoing speculation surrounding Ten Hag’s tenure.


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