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Mayhem at Maybank: woman wakes up to staggering £64 million surprise in her account



Banking blunder leaves customer in disbelief as Maybank mishap causes account balancing act

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In a banking twist that sounds like a plot from a blockbuster, a Malaysian woman, Hafidzah Abdullah, woke up to the shock of her life as her bank balance suddenly flaunted a jaw-dropping £64 million.

Checking one’s bank balance can be an anxiety-inducing task, but for Hafidzah, it turned into a tale of financial astonishment. However, her elation was short-lived as she soon discovered the colossal sum was merely a digital glitch, leaving her unable to access the fortune.

The banking mishap unfolded at Maybank, Malaysia’s fourth-largest lender. Frustrated by the unexpected windfall she couldn’t touch, Hafidzah took to social media on November 29 to vent her dissatisfaction, sarcastically thanking Maybank for making her banking experience “memorable.”

Hafidzah, co-founder of a human resources company, recounted a series of glitches she encountered in her account, labeling it a “comedy of errors that nobody finds funny.” She expressed her frustration at having to visit the branch or endure lengthy phone waits to resolve the recurring issues.

“They say money can’t buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration,” she declared.

Hafidzah’s grievances resonated with others, prompting a wave of comments expressing discontent with Maybank. One commenter wondered aloud, “Am wondering what’s wrong with banks in Malaysia.”

As the online outcry gained momentum, Maybank’s head of group customer experience management, Shaikh Munir Ahmad, intervened on social media to offer assistance. Eventually, Maybank resolved the glitch, and Hafidzah regained access to her account.

In a country where the average household income hovers around £16,000 per year, the unexpected digital windfall of £64 million sparked a flurry of humorous congratulations from onlookers. Maybank assured the public that it was not a system-wide issue, and the customer’s account remained uncompromised.

As the dust settles on this financial rollercoaster, one can’t help but wonder: in the digital age, could a banking blip be the new lottery win?


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